Pure Noise Records Winter Sampler 2011

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We’ve very excited to announce the Pure Noise Records Winter Sampler 2011. The comp features 10 bands of which all are part of the Pure Noise family in some way shape or form. There is one track from each band, including brand new unreleased songs from Daybreaker, The American Scene, Troubled Coast, and Stickup Kid and the comp is exclusively available on Itunes for just $1.99. Check out the art and track listing below.

Track List:
The American Scene – “Why I’m Not Where You Are”
2. The Story So Far – “Placeholder”
3. Troubled Coast – “La Jetée”
4. Handguns –  “Smoke And Mirrors”
5. Man Overboard – “Basics 101″
6. Forever Came Calling – “Knott Sky or Luckie?”
7. Daybreaker – “We’re Still Singing”
8. Stickup Kid – “Breathing”
9. Create Avoid – “Gotham”
10. Transit – “Please, Head North”

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