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  1. Cory Chaus says:

    Hi I’m Cory I’m 17 and I would love to join TSSF Street team because I’ve been listening to them since Freshman year where I was first introduced to them by my best friend, TSSF was the first Pop Punk band I’ve ever listened to which is why they are one of my favorites, I’ve seen them live many times matter of fact I just saw them this Friday at the observatory, the main way id be spreading the word would be through Twitter its much easier and I already have a few followers which can also help me spread the word about them. The main reason why it’ll be amazing if I get to join is that I get the opportunity to show people who haven’t listened to TSSF, actually that chance to and know what an amazing band they are, and introduced them to the world of Pop Punk and from there listen to more bands. I hope to hear a reply soon! Thank you so much!


  2. Hello my name is victoria and i would love to be apart of The Story So Far Street team. I’v listened to the story so far since 2011 when Under Soil and Dirt came out. Since then, i have been a huge fan of the band. the thing that i love most about them is the genuine care they have for their fans. Meaning, they would do anything for them and try their best to make their fans happy. the story so far is not like any other band. Other record labels out there do not understand music as much as pure noise. Pure Noise is exactly how it is stated. It is just pure music with bands that are genuinely here to make their own music they want and express themselves. I believe that is why the story so far never fails with any single or album they produced.i want to help spread the word about the story so far and get them the recognition the deserve and show many people what a pop punk band from walnut creek is all about. Thank you so much for the opportunity to apply for the street team!

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